Review of The Miting: An Old Order Amish Novel by Dee Yoder

Leah Courtney
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When I picked up The Miting to review I expected a novel in the Amish genre such as many others that I've read. Amish fiction isn't usually my favorite genre, but there is some I've really enjoyed. The characters are usually portrayed as good if sometimes strict people, and the lifestyle is portrayed as calm and peaceful. The Miting did not fit any of my expectations for a novel written in this genre.

In The Miting Leah is questioning her Old Order Amish life. She wants to look for answers by attending a Bible study that some Christians lead for ex-Amish who have come away from the Amish church or never joined. Leah's best friend is seeking to leave the church also but for very different reasons. She wants to leave her family because of ongoing abuse by her brother that her mother just covers up. As Leah seeks her answers and faces leaving her family and the church, she knows that she will be shunned- The Miting. And this is a very difficult decision for her to make.

I was taken aback by this portrayal of Amish life. I had always viewed Amish as being Christian for the most part. Obviously anyone who trusts in anything other than Jesus Christ for salvation is not a Christian according to God's Word. But from books I had read before, I had pictured the Amish as believing in Jesus Christ but choosing to lead a more strict and simple lifestyle. The Miting gave a different picture of the Amish life- one in which people work to earn their salvation, and where the belief is that anyone who doesn't do this work is not saved.

Dee Yoder, the author of The Miting, is very involved in a ministry called Mission to Amish People, ministering to those coming out of the Amish church. You can read more about her and this ministry on her website here.

I had a hard time liking The Miting. Perhaps it was because the perspective was so very different from other Amish books I've read. The story seemed a little choppy at times, and the dialogue seemed stilted and not very flowing. I did enjoy Leah as a main character as the book went along. In the beginning her questions just seemed sort of whiny. But as I read along I realized that she really did have a desire to find out the truth and seek God's will for her life.

It was interesting to read this perspective of the Amish. It made me curious and wanting to do a little more research and find out more about their lifestyle and beliefs.

If you'd like to read The Miting, it is offered free today -March 19-and for $1.99 during the remainder of this blog tour, May 20-31. You can purchase on Amazon-The Miting or on Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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