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Leah Courtney
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From the time my oldest daughter was a "tween" she's enjoyed the little quizzes that are geared for tween and teen girls and often found in books or popular magazines or on social media. Many of them are cute, and I understand why it's fun for the girls to do it and to ask the questions of their friends. But some of these little quizzes have content that isn't appropriate. Using inappropriate language or crude humor or encouraging sarcastic, unkind comments, some of them are not just good clean fun.

Enter the Big Book of Quizzes: Fun, Quirky Questions for You and Your Friends from Faithgirlz. Published by Zonderkidz (the children's branch of the Christian publisher Zondervan), this is a quiz book that I feel good about letting the girls use. From the book's description:

Welcome to the world of, well, you! The Faithgirlz! Big Book of Quizzes offers more than twenty quizzes delve into school, friends, faith, family, guys, and questions “All-About-You.” Take the quizzes on your own or with friends. Some funny, some thought-provoking, every quiz ends with wide range of answers to help girls think about themselves, get advice on tons of topics, and learn little “who knew?” facts about how they really think and feel—done in a fun format every girl loves.
Girls will love circling questions, asking BFFs for best answers, and LOLing at those “that’s SO me” moments. And, yet, each has a takeaway message that makes the Big Book of Quizzes a super entertaining, relevant, and interactive read for girls ages eight to twelve.

These quizzes are fun and clean. Some are designed to quiz yourself, some to be asked with your friends, and there's a whole chapter of quizzes girls can use to get to know their families well.

One thing that I particularly like is that all of the quizzes and answer sections are written from a distinctly Christian worldview, encouraging girls to live in a Christlike manner in their life and relationships. And the answer sections for each quiz give some tips for how to have a more full life by following God's will. There are Scripture references and examples from Scripture included.

This is a totally fun book and won't feel "preachy" to girls at all. But it will encourage them to live as Faithgirlz!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own, and I was not compensated in any way.

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