Review of My Little Life of Jesus: A Book About the Life of Christ For Very Young Children

Leah Courtney
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My Little Life of Jesus, written by Williamson and illustrated by Amanda Enright is an adaptation of the life of Christ from the New Testament, written for very little children. The book is small, easy to hold with little hands. The cover is the hard, padded cover typical of toddler books. Visually, the book draws in young readers with colorful pictures. The print is small to be in a young child's book; but it is probably assumed that the parent or adult will be the one reading.

I'm pretty picky about children's Bible adaptations. I'm very careful about having children equate the Bible with a storybook. So I look for children's Bibles that are biblically accurate. I wanted to review My Little Life of Jesus with the intent to use it when I teach the preschoolers at my church. As I read through, there were some things I liked and some I didn't.

I liked:
  • All of the tellings of events in the life of Christ were followed by a Scripture reference.
  • The events seemed to all be biblically accurate in the details. I was even pleasantly surprised that the wise men did not come to a baby in a stable but to a young child in a house (although there were three of them.)
  • The book highlights events in the life of Christ chronologically and even includes a simplistic map- great for the history lover in me!
I didn't like:
  • In the illustrations, Jesus and the disciples are the typically caucasian look of most children's books. The only darker skinned people are the wise men and the Good Samaritan. Despite any feelings about race or skin color, this isn't culturally accurate.
  • The fact of Jesus' Godhood doesn't seem to stand out. When the angel comes to Mary, it's about a "special baby." When Jesus grew up, He knew "God had a special job for him to do." When he went to John to be baptized, John said "You are the good one: you should baptize me." I don't know if this omission is deliberate or just wanting to skirt a heavy topic that little ones may have a hard time with, but it made me uncomfortable.
All in all, I might use this as a supplement to some of my teaching, but I wouldn't use it as a main resource. And I would be careful in how I read it to my own children so that I could emphasize the Godhood of Jesus Christ.

You can find My Little Life of Jesus at the Kregel site here. Or you can find it on Amazon:

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own, and I was not compensated in any other way. 

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