Review of Twisted Innocence by Terri Blackstock

Leah Courtney
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I've long been a fan of Terri Blackstock's novels. She writes many suspense/thrillers with a dash of romance. And she has the ability to she God's light onto the dark stories of crime, leaving readers with the comfort that while evil does exist in the world, God redeems.

Twisted Innocence is in the Moonlighters series of novels. I haven't read the others, but, as with most of Terri Blackstock's series novels, it's pretty easy to jump in and figure out what's going on. There is reference to other story lines, but readers can understand the book without all the background.

A review of Twisted Innocence by Terri Blackstock
From the book's description:

When Holly's secrets backfire, is the mess too big to unravel?

Holly Cramer has worked hard to keep the identity of her daughter's father a secret, shamed and embarrassed by the one-night stand. But when the police knock on her door searching for Creed Kershaw, she realizes his identity isn't as hidden as she thought. The fact that Creed is a person of interest in a recent drug-related murder only increases her humiliation.

When Holly's and Creed's paths cross, Holly is unsure whether to be terrified of him or trust him. His tenderness with their daughter makes her want to believe his story that he had nothing to do with the murder. Then she discovers that Creed has a connection to Leonard Miller-who killed both her sister's fiancé and her brother-in-law, and kidnapped her nephews-and things only become more complicated.

Will Creed lead them to the man who has plagued her family, or become another of his victims?

This was an interesting, fast-paced read. I like the short chapters and quick moving action and found myself moving through the book quickly. Because the chapters often end with something suspenseful, it's not easy to put down, so I found myself anxious to keep reading.

This book- as with many of Terri Blackstock's books- didn't have very deep character development. There is more action instead of glimpses inside the heads of the characters. Despite this, the characters are likable and compelling. They are not perfect. But, throughout the book, we get glimpses of their spiritual growth.

I really like the way that Terri Blackstock can always seem to weave the message of God's redemption into her stories without giving a "preachy" tone to the book. Throughout Twisted Innocence we're reminded that God is in the business of giving second chances, and only He can truly give us pardon and wipe our slate clean.

I can definitely recommend this one. I give it 4 stars and a PG-13 for content (violence, crime, and the drug world). You can find Twisted Innocence on Amazon here.

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