Review of The Atheist Who Didn't Exist by Andy Bannister

Leah Courtney
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I love a good, logical debate. Although the rules of logic sometimes escape me, and I'm often guilty of resorting to emotional retort, I can recognize a good, logical argument when I hear it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Atheist Who Didn't Exist by Andy Bannister. Often atheists accuse Christians of being the ones who aren't thinking, who aren't reasoning. But many of the arguments that atheists use just aren't logically sound. Andy Bannister does an excellent job bringing to light some of those arguments.

A review of The Atheist Who Didn't Exist by Andy Bannister

From the book's description:
An entertaining and enlightening poke at atheism by a popular speaker

Addressing some of the more popular atheist sound bites about the Christian faith, The Atheist Who Didn't Exist clears the space for a deeper and more honest discussion about the big questions of life.

Our culture now assumes that atheism is the default position--indeed, the only position for anyone who wishes to be seen as educated, contemporary, and urbane. In the media, atheism is usually portrayed as scientific and rational versus religion, which is seen as stuffy, outdated, and irrational.

Blending humor with serious thought, The Atheist Who Didn't Exist will help readers to think a little deeper about the popular claims of atheism. Whether the reader is a Christian who desires to be able to start a conversation with secular friends or simply an agnostic dissatisfied with some of the arguments that pass for serious thought, Andy Bannister shows that when it comes to the most important questions of life, we need to move beyond simplistic sound bites.

Although the book addresses logical fallacies and gets into some pretty deep water, it's written in an easy to read and understand way. There is a definite humorous undertone that lightens up the deeper discussion but doesn't take away from the rational arguments. Andy Bannister does a great job keeping readers engaged while still touching on some pretty serious thoughts in the contemplation of atheists.

The book is definitely written from a Christian worldview. However, it isn't at all preachy and it doesn't simply blast all atheists. Instead it seeks to open up a reasonable discussion about the prominent arguments that atheists use.

My only one complaint about the book really has to do with my own aging. The book is written with quite a few humorous asides added to footnotes- along with actual footnotes that document sources that are referenced. My poor old person eyes struggled to read those tiny footnotes, and I wished that the funny parts could have been written in regular print! Perhaps I'll have to look for a large print edition.

All that aside. I loved the book. It's one I want my teens to read as well because it so masterfully sheds light on some of the common atheist statements that are designed to make Christians- or other religious people- seem quite mindless. In a day and age where we read quick blurbs on social media, accept them, and go on, this book encourages real thinking.

I give The Atheist Who Didn't Exist 5 stars. You can find it on the Kregel website here or on Amazon here.

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