Review of Journeys of the Heart: A Collection of Christian Romance Novellas

Leah Courtney
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Occasionally I really enjoy a short, easy read- especially if it's interesting and compelling even though it isn't very deep or meaty. Journeys of the Heart is a collection of three short Christian Romance novellas combined in one book.

  • "The Gentleman's Quest" by Camille Elliot: Set in England in the 1800s, this is the story of an unlikely romance that blooms when Honoria Dunbar and Christopher Creager work together to investigate the murder of a man killed in the Creager family barn.
  • "The Road Home" by Winnie Griggs: Anisha and Wyatt meet on a train bound to Texas, where Wyatt is accompanying two young orphans to live with their grandfather. Wyatt is a former surgeon who now struggle to do any doctoring after an injury. 
  • "Trail Boss's Bride" by Erica Vetsch: Set in the old West in the midst of a cattle drive, the story begins when Steve happens upon a run down wagon stalled in the middle of the trail he's driving the cattle through. When he investigates and finds Kitty who is having a baby, the two are introduced to each other in a unique way.

None of these stories are very long, and the book was an easy one to read through pretty quickly. But all three authors do a good job developing the characters and the story in the short space, making the stories all interesting ones that I really enjoyed.

If you enjoy a light, easy romance written from a Christian point of view- although not "preachy" by any means- Journeys of the Heart is a great collection. I give it four stars and a G rating for content. You can find the book on Amazon here.

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