Review of Street God by Dimas Salaberrios: Nonfiction Memoir

Leah Courtney
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Although I often read and review Christian fiction, I also love a good memoir. I recently had the opportunity to review Street God by Dimas Salaberrios along with Dr. Angela Hunt.

Review of Street God: a memoir from Dimas Salaberrios

Dimas' story is one of hope and redemption. He began life with the desire to be a power broker in the drug industry. Beginning as a seller and going on to become an addict, his desire was to be a street god, one of the ones in charge of selling and the one making the most money. But along the way, people prayed for Dimas. As he saw people close to him get saved and have a relationship with God, it was always in the back of his mind. But it wasn't more consuming than his desire to rule the streets and the drug trade.

Dimas' story is often difficult to read-the killings, the drugs, the wasted lives. But Dimas' story is also full of hope. Even in the midst of his worst times, God had a plan for him. And when Dimas finally came to God, God turned his life around and used him in a mighty way.

I thoroughly enjoyed Dimas' story. Sometimes a memoir will be a little dry or hard to get into. But Dimas' story is well-written. It's fast-paced and gives the reader a good glimpse of life in the midst of the drug trade without being unnecessarily graphic.

As I read about God's work in Dimas' life, I was once again amazed at God's sovereignty and plan. It's clear that His hand was on Dimas to spare him from death in the society of drug use and dealing and to bring him to the point where he desired to serve God in a powerful way...instead of becoming his own god with his own power.

I can definitely recommend Street God. It's a memoir full of the promise of God's grace and hope in the midst of even a dire situation. You can find Street God on Amazon here.

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