Review of Life is Beautiful: How a Lost Girl Became a True, Confident Child of God, a Memoir by Sarah M. Jonhson

Leah Courtney
I really enjoy reading memoirs. Reading about the life experiences of other people who have dealt with hardships or trauma can be encouraging and inspiring. Life is Beautiful is a memoir by Sarah Johnson.

Review of Life is Beautiful, a memoir by Sarah M. Johnson

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Sarah was nineteen when she lost her brother and father in a plane crash while headed to Guatemala on a humanitarian aid trip. The plane crashed after experiencing engine problems. Sarah and her mother survived, but her mother was badly burned. The pilots and most of the other people on the plane were killed. Sarah experienced this traumatic experience during a low point in her life.

She was failing out of college and slipping deeper and deeper into depression and alcoholism. After the plane crash, she also took on the responsibility of taking care of all of the details as well as dealing with her mother's anger. Although Sarah longed to be a child of God and trust in what she considered her "higher power" she continued to slip further into more drinking and constant depression.

After meeting a counselor, Sarah began to learn how to cope with her emotions- something her family had never done well. She also sought help for her alcoholism. Sarah went on continuing in her personal growth. Today she's a wife and mother as well as a counselor. She has come to accept the idea that life is beautiful and that her "higher power" had a purpose and plan for all that happened to her.

Sarah's story is beautiful. I was inspired as a read about the ways in which she coped with the personal tragedy that she faced. Not all of us have faced something as traumatic as what she experienced, but most of us have faced hardships and struggles that cause us to question life. Reading about Sarah's journey and the things she learned along the way that shaped her ability to deal with her situation is encouraging.

Because Sarah's story is written in a personable way, it's almost as if the reader were talking with her one on one. This makes it easy to identify with her story.

I enjoyed Life is Beautiful. It was a simple, easy to read book that can be an encouragement to the reader. You can learn more about the book on Sarah's site here or find the book on Amazon here.

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