Review of The Golden Braid: a Rapunzel Story by Melanie Dickerson

Leah Courtney
The Golden Braid by Melanie Dickerson is a spin off on the fairy tale story of Rapunzel. The book's description intrigued me, so I was interested to give it a read.

Fairy tale adaptation of Rapunzel

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Rapunzel lives a lonely and strange life alone with only her mother in a Medieval setting. Although she's nineteen, her mother won't let her talk to men at all, much less think about marriage. She also has some strange rules about not letting Rapunzel show her beautiful golden hair or sing around other people. If anyone gets too close to the two of them, they move to a new town.

When they find themselves on the move again, they're headed back to the town where Rapunzel was born. She knows that she was adopted by her mother as a baby or small toddler but doesn't know anything about her life before that.

The women are headed down the trail through the forest when they are attacked by robbers. A knight comes to their rescue. Rapunzel is drawn to him, but her mother is typically rude and standoffish. Her mother finally agrees to help the knight who has been wounded when his horse fell on him.

When Rapunzel and her mother reach their destination, Rapunzel will begin to learn some things- about her feelings for the knight- Sir Gerek- and about her birth and her adopted mother.

The story has elements of the Rapunzel fairy tale, but there are some added bits that make it seem like historical fiction read- although it isn't real history. There isn't any magic or fairy dust. The characters have been changed into real people with real lives and real loves.

The story idea is interesting, but it was often predictable. The characters weren't deeply developed, so it was hard to really feel drawn to them. All in all, I liked the idea; but the story itself just didn't grab me.

If you're looking for a light, easy read and like the fairy tale twist, you may enjoy The Golden Braid. I give it 3 stars and a G rating for content. You can find the book on Amazon here.

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