The Long- Awaited Final Book in the Christiansen Family Series From Susan May Warren

Leah Courtney
I've been slowly but surely reading through the Christiansen Family series by Susan May Warren. Although I've read and loved her books before, I particularly loved this recent series. It features a family with six grown children. Each book has focused on the life of a particular family member, although all of the stories have been interwoven. There was also a Christmas novella featuring the Christiansen parents.

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I love so much about these books:

  • The beautiful setting of the family resort in Wisconsin- Although the cold would kill me, I'd love to live in a resort like Evergreen.
  • The fact that the series focuses on this large family with grown children- It makes me wonder what our family will be like someday.
  • The authenticity in the characters and stories- No one is perfect, and their family is messy. It's so much more "real" than some books where every character always seems to do the right thing  and where any bad thing is met by Scripture reading and prayer from the parents. 
  • The prevailing theme of God's grace- Over and over Susan revisits this. The books aren't preachy at all, but it's clear that, underlying all the characters face, God is there.
  • The family relationships throughout the stories- Again, the books are real. The characters love each other, but they also have definite moments of arguing and fighting. The events in the book are reminiscent of real life.
In this latest installment, we finally get the story Owen- You're the One That I Want. Throughout the books, Owen's story has been threaded. He's the youngest son- although there's a younger sister- and he was a hockey super star- playing for a professional team and basking in his accolades. He was already going off the tracks when his eye was severely damaged in a drunken brawl. Full of anger and angst, Owen left a trail of damage in his family and ran away. He's been referred to in the other books as each Christiansen sibling has faced his or her future and sought to follow God's plan.

And now it's Owen's turn. In a story that involves Owen almost dying as well as falling in love with Scotty, the brusk, harsh daughter of a crab fisherman. The story follows Owen back to Deep Haven- his family town- as he seeks to make peace with his family- especially his brother, Casper, who has been so hurt by Owen's past actions. But Owen also has to make peace with God and himself. And, throughout the adventures, he's falling more in love with Scotty.

This book may possibly be my favorite in there series- although I might have said that every time. By the middle of the book, I was already in tears, moved by Owen's story. I almost expected to dislike Owen because of what he'd done in the other books. But Susan wove her magic once again and created an awesome character who comes face to face with God's grace.

And, of course, there is a sweet, sweet love story. It's not an "easy" story where everyone always does the right thing and slips simply into "happily ever after." But the story does give us hope and a desire for the love of God and love of family.

Don't miss the entire Christiansen family series. I'm sad it's over, but I'm so glad to have read it. Below I'll share my reviews of each and their links on Amazon. For many of the books, I was on Susie May's launch team. But I purchased this last book for myself.

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