Review of Jesus: Experiencing His Touch- A Bible Study of Mark 1-6

Leah Courtney
When I first saw the title of this Bible study included the words "A 6-week, no-homework Bible study" I was interested and picking it up to do by myself, not in a group. As I began to read through it, I realized that it really would be a Bible study better done in a group. But there were many things I liked about it, and I think that it would be able to be adapted to an individual study or- better yet- a family study.

Bible study

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How the study is set up...

The book is set up in four weeks of lessons. For each lesson there are Scripture passages, Insight boxes with additional information, and discussion questions. Each week's lesson has about fifteen pages, and the instructions say it can be completed in about forty minutes. Although the whole group follows along and the whole study is done together, there is meant to be a leader who keeps the group on track and facilitates discussion.

Each week, there is an introduction to give some background information. Then the reader reads aloud the lesson, stopping when there is Scripture to mark or questions to discuss. The leader reads each passage of Scripture aloud while the group marks the Scripture in the way the study details. (It is recommended that the leader have already read and marked Scripture ahead of time.) At the end of each study is a wrap up section.

What I like...

As I said, I think this would be a great study for a family as well for a small group without a long meeting time. One of the recommendations was for a moms group. Having participate in a mom's Bible study before, I agree that this would be great. We never seemed to have much time with kids running around. But this study would have been the perfect length.

I like that everything is completed in class- even the Bible reading. Sometimes new Christians especially are afraid of joining a Bible study where there will be "homework." Because of busy schedules or because new believers are afraid they won't know what to do, group studies that require work outside of class may make people hesitant to come.

I think it's also great that the Scripture is written right in the book. Again, new Christians specifically may not think to always carry a Bible- although we often have access to them on our mobile devices now- and it's convenient to have the Scripture in the book.

I think that this study- while not the individual study I was looking for- would be excellent for a small group that is busy or that contains many new Christians who are studying the Scripture for the first time.

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