Review of Wise Guys by Kent Evans: Encouraging Mentorship for Men

Leah Courtney
Being the mom of a son is sometimes challenging. As a woman, I can't always relate and know just how to talk to him and what he needs. I'm extremely thankful that I have a husband who is extremely involved and who loves and mentors our son.

Not all boys have this. Not all men have had this or even seek this out. Wise Guys by Kent Evans is a book written for men to emphasize the importance of men finding godly mentors.

Nonfiction for men

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Kent has written sixteen stories that happened to him personally, times when he's had mentors who spoke into his life and made a difference. With these sixteen stories, Kent encourages men of the importance of having these mentors in their own lives.

At the end of each chapter, Kent sums up the lessons learned in that relationship. He then has a few questions that men can consider about how they can be mentors or about mentors they've had.

In the final chapter, Kent has written three action steps that men can take immediately. He then lists eleven tips to help men seek out their own "wise guys" or mentors.

Wise Guys is well-written to appeal to men. Kent's stories about his own life draw readers in and get them interested. Short sections and short chapters make reading simple. And the questions at the end of each chapter serve to review.

I really like the action steps in the final chapter. Having easy-to-use action steps is a good way to ensure that readers don't just skim the book and walk away without change. Wise Guys will encourage men to make those relationships with mentors- with men who can guide them through life with wisdom.

From the book's description:

For guys, more than ever, it’s a confusing world. Your GPS doesn’t offer any maps showing how to get to the point of wisdom — and who likes asking for directions anyway?
But there are ways to get that guidance you need. The answers may be all around you, in the form of guys you already know. Wise guys. More experienced guys. Better-traveled guys. Could there be ways to tap into their invaluable knowledge without enduring dull lectures or taking pages of notes?

Kent Evans has surrounded himself with these wise guys. They have shown him all the back roads on the way to wisdom. With a great deal of humor and an endless supply of stories, he wants to show you how to gather life-enriching truth from the guys in your own circle.

Kent Evans is the cofounder of Manhood Journey, a journey that helps fathers and godly mentors to touch the next generation of godly men. You can learn more about Kent here:

You can find Wise Guys on Amazon here.


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