Bible Belles' The Adventures of Rooney Cruz: A Series With Good Heroes for Girls

Leah Courtney
It's often hard to find good role models for girls. Finding women who are good examples of what the Bible says about being a godly woman can be difficult. A new series of books - Bible Belles' The Adventures of Rooney Cruz- aims to provide girls with those role models.

The author of the series is Erin Weidemann. She and her husband came up with the idea for the Bible Belles stories as a gift for their niece when they simplified the story of Hannah from the Bible and wrote it as a story for her. From this first story came the idea to write stories about five superhero women of the Bible- Hannah, Esther, Abigail, Ruth, and Deborah.

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The stories feature a young girl- Rooney Cruz- who is introduced to each of these Biblical women by her guardian angel, Mari. With each woman she learns about, Rooney finds a superpower that woman had. As she learns each one, she gains the superpower as well. Each trait will help Rooney to be the girl God wants her to be.

I recently had the opportunity to review the newest in the series- Bible Belles' Esther: The Belle of Patience.

In this book, Rooney struggles with wanting to talk to her soccer coach about another girl on the team. Amanda pushes past other players and takes all the credit for herself. But when Rooney starts to speak up to her coach in anger, she's stopped by Mari, her guardian angel.

Mari teaches Rooney about Esther from the Bible. In telling Rooney Esther's story, she emphasizes Esther's need to pray for God's timing to talk to the king and her need to be patient and wait for God's leading to know when was the right time to talk.

As the story ends, Rooney gets the superpower of patience, and she waits for a time to talk to her coach about her struggles with the other player. When she sees that opportunity and talks with her coach, her guardian angel then bestows a magical Bell of Patience on her.

I liked that the book took at real life struggle that girls could run into and used a Biblical example to help girls learn the correct response in that situation. Girls can learn about real people from the Bible and also learn how to apply what's in the Bible to their day to day situations.

I'm always a little uncomfortable about books- or tv shows- that have children of today looking into Bible stories in a "magical" way. Rooney has a guardian angel that throws up windows in the air for her to look through to see the Biblical story unfold. I'm concerned that when we introduce Bible characters to kids in that way, we blur the lines between make-believe and real life. The Bible is real history, God's true Word; and if kids view it in the same way they would any other make-believe, time travel story, it's hard to communicate its truth to kids.

So...I like the idea behind the book- introducing girls to women in the Bible who have great character traits to emulate. But I'd rather see a book where someone reads or tells the girl the story about the Biblical woman and draws application for the character trait to be learned instead of a make-believe situation with magical windows and bells that bestow superpowers.

I definitely encourage you to check out the book (and the series) for yourself and see what you think. You can find the Bible Belles website here. And watch a trailer for the book below.

Bible Belle's Esther: The Belle of Patience from Bible Belles on Vimeo.


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