The Great Carp Escape: A Children's Book About Compassion

Leah Courtney
The Great Carp Escape is a book that celebrates the discoveries of children as well as the need to have compassion on all of God's creatures.

The book is based on the life of the author- Irish Beth Maddock. She and her brother grew up with a lake very near their house, and the two spent lots of time exploring it. From an event that happened to them, she developed the story of The Great Carp Escape.

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In the book, the two children love exploring the lake behind their house. They explore the lake and enjoy the plants and animals they found there. One day the children found a dead fish on the shore near a weeping willow tree. It was a fish they hadn't seen before, and the children both thought it very ugly.

Their father told them it was a carp and reminded them that we are all God's creatures- even this carp they thought was ugly. The children listened, but after that they avoided the area of the lake near the weeping willow.

After a big rainstorm the children headed outside. Part of their yard was flooded, and the lake was much higher. A pond had formed near the weeping willow. As the children explored the pond, they saw a carp. Then they saw a whole group of them. They had gotten trapped in the pond when the lake water was high, and now they couldn't get back to the lake.

With their father, the children begin to dig a trench to help the carp get back to the lake. After helping the carp, the children realize the importance of compassion on all God's creatures.

The Great Carp Escape isn't a particularly deep story. It could be interesting to expand on it by learning about ponds and lakes and the animals in them- including the carp. It also provides the opportunity to talk to kids about compassion- especially about compassion towards people who may at first seem different to them.

You can learn more about The author of The Great Carp Escape here and find the book on Amazon as paperback or Kindle here.

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