The Prince Warriors by Priscilla Shirer: a Book About Spiritual Warfare Written for Young Adults

Leah Courtney
Do you have teens who love action and adventure books? Patricia Shirer has authored a new series- The Prince Warriors. I was able to read for review the first book in the series- The Prince Warriors.

The books are written to illustrate the spiritual warfare that we are all involved in, whether we're aware of it or not. There is plenty of adventure and fast-paced action taking place to grab the attention of readers.

Review of The Prince Warriors for teens

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In this first book of the series, Evan and his brother Xavier, along with two other teens- Levi and Brianna, are caught up in an alternate world. Evan and Xavier are siblings constantly at odds with each other. Levi and Brianna, who hang out at the same rec center as the boys, struggle with taking up for a bullied kid. The four find themselves in Ahoratos, an alternate world, being guided by Ruwach, an elf-like creature.

In Ahoratos the four fight evil in a very real way. Back in their normal lives, they are encouraged to make good decisions in the struggles they experience. They also realize that they can be called to return to Ahoratos to go on missions.

The book is written to make readers aware of the spiritual battles that we face all of the time, even though we aren't usually aware of them. No mention is directly made of the Bible or God or anything spiritual. But, if readers are knowledgable about the Bible and spiritual warfare they'll make the connections when the four teens are armed with the armor of the Spirit found in Ephesians and when they are introduced to a Book with rules and instructions for their time in Ahoratos.

I think that the books will capture the readers of teens. There's plenty of adventure and fighting and excitement and magical elements that will hold their attention. What I'm not sure of is whether or not teen readers will "get" the connection with the idea of spiritual warfare.

I think teens that have read much of the Bible or that have been taught biblical concepts may understand the references in the book, but readers who haven't had the biblical teaching may not even catch on that the book has spiritual references. In some ways this may be effective because the book will appeal to a larger audience. But if you're choosing it because of a Christian worldview, you'll probably have to add some explanation and discussion with your teens in order for them to catch on.

If you're interested in The Prince Warriors series, you can learn more at the website here and watch a trailer for this first book here. You can purchase The Prince Warriors on Amazon here. You can see a preview of the Kindle version below.

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