Grit of Berth and Stone by Lisa Dunn: Awesome Young Adult Fantasy

Leah Courtney
Although I've probably reviewed hundreds of books over the years, this is my first experience in reviewing a book written by an author I actually know. Like in real life, ya'll. We actually move in the same circles. And until recently I had no idea that she was a published author.

Being the avid reader and all time book reviewer that I am, I, of course, told her I would be happy to review one of her books (because that means she'd have to give me a book, right?). And so I received the first book in her first series- Grit of Berth and Stone. The series is Chasmaria, and it is in the young adult, fantasy genre. I would also consider it dystopian fiction.

Review of Grit of Berth and Stone, young adult fantasy

Now I'll admit that, after asking to review the book, I was a little worried. What if I read this book and it was awful? What if I hated it? After all, I know this author. And while it's cool to know a published author, I also know what kind of books can actually get published. I've reviewed hundreds, remember?

As it turns out, I had absolutely no need to worry. Grit of Berth and Stone is an awesome read. And even though it's considered young adult fiction, I definitely enjoyed it as an adult reader.

The story...

Grit is a sixteen-year-old from her home village- Thresh in Chasmaria. She's banished from her home for a foolish mistake. But she's convinced that she doesn't need anyone else and can live just fine with the home and people she's always known. Worrying about these things would make her weak. And she's most certainly not weak.

But war comes to Chasmaria. And Grit is taken in by a band of rebels. When she learns an awful truth about herself, she has to come to terms with what strength and honor really mean. And she has to decide whether or not she'll return to her home and fight for Thresh.

My thoughts...

The book begins with a bang. Readers are drawn in immediately when Grit is facing a ceremony at the turning of sixteen. As a ritual of their village, she's turned out into the woods to attempt to avoid two chosen hunters for sixteen days.

With this dramatic opening setting the stage, I was instantly hooked. The action remains pretty steady throughout the book, keeping the reader interested. It's a book you truly won't want to put down.

Character development is always my pet peeve, and you'll know, if you've read other reviews I've written, that I really dislike books that are continuos action with little character development. But Grit is a well-developed character. We get to know her through her thoughts as well as through her actions and reactions to other characters. The supporting characters are also developed well, and feeling as if I got to know the characters went a long way toward my instant liking of this book.

From an educational perspective, there is much to think about while reading this book. Grit's personal growth- the ideas she must come to terms with, the moral choices she must make- offers good opportunities for personal evaluation or for book discussions.

This is a book I'll definitely recommend. Not only will young adults appreciate it, but adult readers can enjoy it as well.

More information...

Author Lisa Dunn

Young adult fantasy author Lisa Dunn

As a child, Lisa Dunn fell asleep to her father’s fanciful bedtime tales and played with her own story ideas during the daylight hours. She now resides in a small southern town with her husband, four children, and an ever-changing assortment of pets. Local librarians habitually thank her for their job security.

You can find more information about Grit of Berth and Stone here- including a great book trailer.

Disclosure: I received a free book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated in any other way.

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