Looking for a Way to Study the Bible and Deepen Your Walk With God? (And a Bible Study Book Giveaway!)

Leah Courtney
I've read through the Bible many times. I don't say that to brag because I confess that it's a habit I've developed over the years, and there are times I read when I'm just reading to check it off on my to do list, and I'm not focusing at all. Because I sometimes drift into this reading by habit, I like to take times of not only reading through the Bible but also stopping to do a Bible study that will help me to focus on a part of the Bible or a topic more in depth.

I've recently had the opportunity to look at two new Moody Bible studies for women. If you're looking for an opportunity to study God's Word in a more in depth way, take a look at these two studies. At the end of the post, you can enter to win one of them.

Women's Bible studies

An Unexplainable Life

About the study

An Unexplainable Life women's Bible studyAn Unexplainable Life was written by Erica Wiggenhorn. The study guides women through a fifty-day look at Acts 1-12. The study looks at topics such as the Holy Spirit, Pentecost, and the early church. It's designed to be used as a small group or individual study.

Walking through the book of Acts, the author leads women into considering the early church and the movement of the Holy Spirit within it. In each week, readers will take a look at the unexplainable change, courage, mission, vision, expansion, unity, God, and discipleship of the people in the early church.

How it works

The book is divided into ten weeks, each week with five days of reading and study. Each day has a Scripture reading from a part of Acts, commentary, stories, and illustrations from the author, and questions to be answered.

The author recommends that the passages for each day be read aloud. The questions that are to be answered are in blue. Some of them are more basic questions, while some encourage thought and application. On some pages there are blue boxes where the reader can sketch or doodle or draw thoughts and reflections from that lesson.

The study can be used with a group as well. There is a free resource listed within the book's introduction that will help a group leader know what questions are best used for group discussion. There is also a Deeper Discoveries resource at the author's website where the reader can find opportunities to dig deeper and learn more.

I Am Found

About the Study

I Am Found women's Bible studyI Am Found was written by Laura Dingman. The study is a six-week study designed to help women look beyond shame and realize their true identity in Christ. The study guides women into looking at the power of shame and fear, the desire that we all have to truly be known and accepted, and our real identity in Christ.

The weekly lessons look at topics such as why we feel shame, who we're hiding from, our identity in Christ, and being found and loved by Christ.

How it works

The study is divided into six weeks. Each week has five days of reading and study and then a Truth, Lies, and Action section that guides readers into listing truths learned from God's Word this week, lies in their own lives revealed through the week, and actions that they'll take as a result of what's been learned.

Each week, readers have a Bible verse or two to memorize. The week begins with an introduction to read. Then each day has reading, along with questions in blue. The studies aren't based off of certain passages of Scripture. Instead there is an introduction from the author and questions in blue throughout the day's reading. Within these discussion questions, readers will read Bible passages and answer questions about them.

The authors of both studies write in a personable way, and working through the studies is like talking to a friend, not reading through a Bible textbook. If you're looking for more of an expository study, An Unexplained Life is a good one because of the way it walks through the book of Acts, chapter by chapter, taking time for the reader to consider and learn from each section.

If you are looking for a good topical study, I Am Found covers a topic that so many of us struggle with as women- shame over not fitting, the desire to hide and not be noticed, and a need to find our identity in Christ.

You can enter to win one of these studies below. I'll be giving away one copy of each to two winners. Enter the Giveaway Tools giveaway below.

Giveaway of two women's Bible studies from Moody

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