What Is Your Response When Times Get Hard? : Review of Shaken by Tim Tebow

Leah Courtney
As a Christian homeschooling family, we watched Tim Tebow's rise to fame in his early NFL career with great interest. Here was a pro athlete that was unapologetically a Christian. And, because of his time spent homeschooling, we could relate to him and his family there as well.

We were disappointed when we watched Tim cut from first the Broncos, then the Jets, and then the Patriots. But then time passed, and, to be honest, he slipped off the radar. I would occasionally hear things about him and the foundation that he established to minister to children who were facing difficult times and their families, to show God's love in those dark times.

Review of Shaken by Tim Tebow
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I've now had the opportunity to be a part of the launch of Tim's brand new book- Shaken: Discovering Your True Identity in the Midst of Life's Storms. In this book, Tim talks about his own feelings of being shaken when his lifelong dream of becoming an NFL quarterback dissolved around him.

Throughout the book, Tim looks at how we respond when the bad times in life come. Using examples from his own experiences as well as those of people he's met through the foundation and throughout other events of his life, Tim guides readers to look beyond the struggles and consider God's leading in their lives. He writes in a conversational tone as if he's talking to readers.

Tim begins the book by talking his own experiences in getting cut, once again, from the Patriots. Tim talks about his feelings and emotions and his own questioning of what, exactly, God was doing his life. He's open and authentic as he relates his personal struggles.

Tim guides readers to think about Who they belong to when they're facing hard things. He talks about facing your fears and about responding to the negative people around you. He encourages readers to trust in God's plan even when it seems as if things are out of control. And he talks about the power of taking action and taking a stand for what you believe in. He ends the book with a chapter that talks about the most important thing-a personal relationship with Christ.

The book is written in a down to earth, relatable tone. Readers will feel as if Tim is talking to them personally. Fans of Tim Tebow, sports fans in general, and any reader who is struggling with life's unexpected turns can read and be encouraged as they walk through their hard times.

You can watch a trailer for the book here.

Want to know more? Visit the book's website here.  And purchase Shaken on Amazon here. (The book will be released on October 25, 2016, but it is available for pre-orders.)

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