My Ratings

Leah Courtney
I read and review a wide variety of books in all genres.  Here is a brief description of how I rate a book.

I will rate books in two ways- a G/PG/PG-13/R rating and a 1-5 star rating.

I chose the movie rating system because most people who watch movies can easily identify.  If I read a book that is totally appropriate for anyone to read, I will rate it with a G rating.  If the book has some violence or mention of physical intimacy or mention of adult subject matter, I will rate it with a PG or PG13 rating (depending on the level of content).  If the book has extreme violence or sexual content, I will rate it R. 

My star rating is based on how well I think the book is written.  This is totally subjective of course.  I am not a literary critic nor do I claim to be one.  I just enjoy reading books.  And, there are things I like and don't like in books I read.  I prefer books that are not written in first person.  I prefer books that might have a good message but don't "preach."  I like dynamic, believable characters.  I don't particularly like books that jump around from one stream of thought to the next.  In my review I will definitely tell why I rated the book as I did.

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